It’s been awhile

Long time since I’ve posted, but I figured I’d go ahead and start back in again. Lots has gone on since… well… since I don’t know when.

Today’s post is all about running. Christian wanted to start running back a couple of months ago, but he needed shoes. Well, yesterday during our chat on Skype (they went back to Germany for a visit) he showed off his new running shoes and had his stride analyzed and all that stuff.

I was a little jealous. I’ve tried running lots of times before, and I do enjoy it, but every time I get into it, we have a baby. At any rate, we went to get Ashley some new running shoes yesterday. Running shoes she is NOT to mow the lawn in. Well, we were talking about the barefoot and finger toe shoes, and it happened that they had a pair that they were sent to try out and no one wanted them. I tried them on, they gave me a deal and BOOM, I now have five finger shoes.

Not wanting that money to go to waste, I started out this morning. Two miles was the plan. Not too far; just around the neighborhood. I really felt like things were going great until I decided to stop and walk for a minute because it had been over a year since I last ran. Well, that’s when my feet decided to scream. Apparently calves have ears because they heard my feet and joined right in.

Now, you can’t just like you’ve always done when you’re sporting a pair of these. Not by a mile. You can’t land on your heel at all so it’s mid foot or toes or somewhere in between. Which pushes your calves and feet to support all that that it isn’t used to. And mine aren’t used to it.

So, I ran halfway, walked most of the rest of the way and then fell over trying to get the turds off my feet when I hit my street. Barefoot was bliss at this point and I hobbled the rest of the way home to try and stretch. That was another adventure altogether, but everyone at work this morning laughed at my misfortune. I wanted to drive home, pick up the shoes, and put them on everyone that laughed and make them run a mile in them.

I’m hoping I can do it again on Wednesday.

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