Five Fingers Day 2

This morning, I went out to “run” again. Took a little advice and went slowly this time. By slowly I mean, walked almost unbearably slowly. Grandma Finnigan in her Bobcat scooter would have lapped me a few times over, I’m sure. Literally, I took 10 minutes to walk to the end of my street!

That said, though, I do feel like I’m getting somewhere. Yeah, yeah, if I’d started slower I’d be getting to that place sooner, but a step back is probably necessary anyway. However, I’m breaking in the new shoes somewhat and I’m feeling all the little stabilizer muscles in my legs for the first time. They’re hurting like the dickens, but at least I know they’re there.

In my line of work (computers and IT) I see so many people that either never knew or have forgotten how their bodies work. Heaven forbid they try to cross the street at a trot… what you usually get in that scenario is a gangly hobble like a monkey thinking he can imitate a person.

I’m at least grateful for taking karate growing up. Martial arts are very good at letting you listen to what your body is saying and knowing what your body can do. I’m sure yoga and gymnastics and the like are very good for that also. By starting out small and progressively learning more difficult and advanced stuff you get to the point that new stuff isn’t quite so taxing because you’ve got a very good feel for yourself. If you’re going to try some crazy new kick, you can tell exactly how far out your leg is going to get your foot and you don’t really have to worry about hitting something or someone by accident.

I’ll be grateful when my running legs get that comfortable again. I’m sure it will take a few months, but I’ll get there. Ashley’s running now too, so I’d like to think we can eventually go out together and run. It’ll get really exciting when both of us blow out a knee!

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