3 (or 5 Depending)

Happy Anniversary Ashley!

It’s been a fantastic 3 years (or 5 if you count the dating… we had our first date to pick up tickets to The Passion of the Christ for our group of friends 5 years ago). I hope for as many more as possible! At least 3 more!

Kidding… kidding… hopefully we’ll be one of those couples that gets to stand up at church when they ask about folks that are celebrating 75+ wedding anniversaries. I’ll be old then… and probably won’t remember who you are, but just stand up and humor me.

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  1. NicoleH says:

    Happy Anniversary you too!!!
    Hard to believe it has been 3 years already, but in someways it seems you have been together forever.
    Love to you both.

  2. Meredith says:

    Congratulations Josh and Ashley. It has been fun to watch your relationship develop and I’m so happy you found another! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Andrea says:

    Happy belated anniversary!

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