Mud Bath Beer Party

No, I didn’t run in the mud, and it wasn’t any kind of crazy frat party, but those words in the title summarize the weekend events. This morning I ran a couple miles fairly easy. It was cool outside, there weren’t many cars out, and it was just comfortable.
Yesterday, though, I took a bath in some mud. Mud? Yep. Dave brought over some stuff from Golden Moor and while I had my doubts, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl. Nasty. That’s exactly what it was before I climbed in. When I got in it was great… now I can’t attribute that to the mud; it might have been just the bath. However, all told, I felt pretty good afterward.
Prior to that, we drove up to Cincinnati/Northern KY/Ft. Mitchell for Hofbrauhaus and then Mom/Pickle/Rob’s joint birthday party. Both were good events, although I probably wouldn’t go back to Hofbrauhaus again. I got a decidedly non-German pretzel sandwich, although Piper went with the traditional Makkaroni und Kase and Ashley got a potato pancake. The beer there was okay, although Sandy thought it was the best she’d ever had. When we got to the birthday party, I was too stuffed to enjoy the food that much, but it was still good to see everyone.
Now it’s off to start another week. Should be a good one, I hope. Maybe lots more running.

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