Happy 30th!

My wife turns 30 today. Oops! I probably shouldn’t have said it out loud… not sure if it’s a secret or not. Really, 30 isn’t bad at all, and it fits Ashley nicely. She doesn’t look a day older than that first time I met her… oh… 5+ years ago.

I’ll be honest, I think everyone should love birthdays. a) you get presents b) everyone’s finally all about you for once c) if you’re religious (and if you’re not, you just don’t believe what I’ll say here even though it still applies) you’ve been graced with one more year with His creation and you’re one step closer to meeting the Big Guy Himself.

When I hit 60 is when I’ll start getting old… then I’m over the halfway mark. I’m not old YET, but just getting there.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Ashley!

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